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Incredibly impressive.

Qwilrs are things of beauty, that look amazing on every device. Whether its desktop, tablet, mobile. Qwilr goes anywhere your business goes.

Works beautifully across all devices
Timer - fast content

Fast Moving

Qwilr is designed to make it easy to re-use your best work and stay on brand. You can re-use your favourite sections in a single click and clone a colleagues document.

Our Brand rules mean that everyone has the right fonts and colors at all times too.

Qwilr also comes preloaded with a high quality Template Library.

Embed From The Web

Do things that are only possible on the web like embedding videos, maps, surveys, spreadsheets and more.

Embed videos, survey, spreadsheets
Rapid Sales

Sales & Marketing

Qwilr is especially great for Sales and Marketing collateral. We have tools that allow you to price your quote, send it to your customer, and have them accept, e-sign and pay all in one smooth flow on any device. Removing the hassle for your customer (download, open, print, sign, scan, email) and allowing you to stop waiting, start working & improve your cashflow too.

Security & Control

Protect your document with passwords, time limits & view limits. If you think it is being viewed by someone it shouldn’t be you can disable the web page quickly and easily. You can also do this if you’ve sent out a typo, or shared it with the wrong person!

Qwilr Security
Qwilr's powerful analytics

Data & Analytics

Track and analyse how your sales and marketing material is browsed. Be notified when your document is first viewed, see how many times it was viewed & what sections they actually cared about!


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